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Philia Culinary Winery

Samos Greece

Φ "PHI" 

 "PHI" from Filia is the main project of the winery in progress.

Harvest is always done at night at the best phenolic maturity of the grape. To create a balanced gastronomic wine with intense character,

we macerate for 30 days in amphorae.

After draining, the juices goes buck to amphorae to ferment.                          Light pressures are fermented and aged in barrels to develop a buttery feeling in the mouth.

Φ _PHI_ Fokiano_edited.png

"PHI"Fokiano Barique

Φ _PHI_ Muscat Maceration Barrel_edited_edited.png

"PHI" Muscat Barrique

Φ _PHI_ Muscat Maceration Amphora_edited.png

"PHI" Muscat Amphora

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